March 26, 2012

"So there's a mosquito in my room. It's so big I think it came from another planet. Or else, I reckon it has been sucking my blood since last night because its mouth is still attached onto my right calf. My legs have no more liquid in them, they're like shaggy and flabby. Yes, now I'm so sure it's eating me alive right now. But every time I look into its thousand eyes, there's this yellow light that keep avoiding me to break free. That mosquito is looking at me like I'm a glass of fresh juice. However, my pillow is comforting me like no other. But then I realize it's not a pillow, it's a cockroach testicle. It belongs to a giant roach next to the mosquito which is eating my left hand right now. I feel surreal. The music is probably going to help me to go through all of this. Ah well, let's get back to sleep."

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