Abang None Jakarta Selatan 2011

July 19, 2011

The soon-to-be t-shirt design for AbNon JakSel 2011. Made by Randy.
One hell of a journey.

Yep, that probably will be the best way to sum up the whole story I went through recently. All the hard works were paid off, surprisingly, in a unique kind of way. Like them rockstars usually say "Blood, Sweat, and Tears!", I sort of got all those three elements in this pageant (i can't believe i just used that sissy word and oh, i even DID it literally). Anyway, along with another up and down feelings, moods, and of course new friends, I happily joined the "Pemilihan Abang None Jakarta Selatan 2011". Since I've abandoned my blog for like.. months because of my busy schedule (azek), now I'll share a tini, tiny, piece of this brand new experience of mine to you.

So what's up with this 'joining a pageant' thingy, dude?
Uhm, before we get going further, I just wanna let you know that I extremely hate that word so let's rephrase that question, shall we?

Kay, so what's up with this 'joining a contest' thingy, dude?
I like competition. I like to compete with other brilliant people out there and to see what they got. By doing it I won't only develop myself as a whole, but I'll also get to see that the world got so many amazing creatures waiting to be found. And I want to find them, shake their hands (if they happen to have hands), and get to know them more deeply. I believe that comparing my ability as a human being with another completely different individual is a great way to improve the value of a man from both inside and out.

Why Abang None? And why south Jakarta?
Because I'm a true Jakartan born and raised. I've lived in this city for my entire life. I need to find a way to contribute my concrete efforts in order to help the government raising this 484-year-old baby. It's not like I never did anything before. But as in a governmental stage contribution which is represented by the power vested in the regional autonomy of DKI Jakarta, this would be my first time. Moreover, I saw many of my friends entered this competition previously ended up looking so cool and young and fresh and stuff. So I was kinda interested to be a part of it. Why resists something that can change your life entirely but in a fun way? Besides, I think the packaging of this well-speaking ambassadors who get a free spirit to promote Jakarta suits me very well. I mean, hello, I love to speak. I talk so much my friends can't even handle my random topics coming out of my mouth. Then I also like to interact with people. I dig people. With the basic lessons I got from my International Relations major about promoting and making a good impression about a country to the world as a diplomat (amin), I thought that Abang None is so me. Not to mention my cute face and my bulging muscular body that will help me to convince those tourists to visit Jakarta.

*pose* *change pose* *Tyra-Banks-kebelet-boker pose*

And why Jakarta Selatan? Uhm.. excuse me, don't I look like one of those young and hip kids hangin' out around Kemang? Don't this part of Jakarta fully represent our youth generation? Do you get the link between those two? Yeah, it would be something about me, right? RIGHT?

*clearing throat* *trying to get some dignity*

I'm just kidding. I'm not that shallow. I picked Jakarta Selatan because lots of my high school friends was elected as one of the finalists and not a few of them ended up being a winner. *colek Yudy*
The high school itself is in JakSel, so practically I spent most of my teen-adult time around JakSel more than Jakarta Pusat where my house is located. Shortly, I know more about Jakarta Selatan better than another administration cities. So yeah, Jakarta Selatan it is! #ProudToBeSouth!


The process during the trainings and quarantine days was so unforgettable. All 29 other finalists, which had to be my new family since we first met, were helped me to realize what this competition is truly about. Although I wasn't that ambitious to win this shit like some of my friends, at first I still thought that my public speaking ability combined with my strong idealism will at least take me to the next level of the competition which is DKI Jakarta regional. I was ready to kick some innocent ass. But I was a little lost halfway there. I surprisingly started to question everything. Starts from the competition itself, the government, the seniors, the finalists, even my own self. I had this little doubt from every aspects of this competition. The fact that there's some sort of 'types' to be an Abang frustrated me. A lot of deep contemplation and introspection successfully executed during the exhausting practices almost everyday of the week. The whining and the bickering started to blabber around the floor. Some horrible questions kept popping in my head. I was crumbling inside.

It seems so easy to say, "Why don't you just relax and let it flow? You never know what the judges want, so just be yourself!". Well newsflash: I did relax and I was myself back then. But still, like I said before I was too busy thinking about what's wrong rather than what's next. I got consumed by my own mind. But fortunately, a couple of days right before the final night I pulled myself together and crawled my way back up to my A-game. I fantastically did the rest of quarantine period like as professional as I always be. I was no longer being a drama king and just went out there and pleased the crowds. But unluckily I was too late. The judging never stopped. My recklessness was still taken into judges' account. So I didn't win any trophies. But that's okay. I had the time of my life on that stage. I now even have a huge new set of family. I'm blessed.

Until this writing is written, I still got many job offers (which make good money) from "Suku Dinas Pariwisata". I happen to meet more new people who will definitely add my networks, links, and connections to help my future career. I got to be on TV several times. I can even proudly say that "I. Am .An. Abang. Jakarta!" during my job interview someday. Yeah, all those drama have helped me to be more mature. I see things in many more perspectives now. I totally let go those bad feelings. Now I can move on with my soon-to-be thesis and college stuffs. Happily.

Before I drink my milk and hit the sack, I just wanna say thank you so, so, so much to everyone who's involved in this journey. Thanks for making me a better person. To the Top-6 winners that are still in the running to become DKI final champions, break a leg! I fully support you all. I'll see you at 29th! And lastly, thank you to myself. Thanks for being such a great, critical partner these whole time (is it creepy that i'm thanking.. me? whatever.)

We still have a lot more to come! I still need your help, self! :) (still creepy.)

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