January 07, 2011

Just so you know, I already had this deep ambition to make my own empire since I was in grade school. I want to have a big company and run a widely spread business below my regime. Either It's a restaurant, cafe, clothing line, bar, oil & natural gas company, or anything else. I want my gigantic neon billboard name to be on top of every skyscrapers and branch offices I have. Okay.. that was too much. Pardon my lebayness, people.

So I did a quick brainstorming and accidentally made that "RC" logo for my trademark. It stands for my name, Rahmat Chaniago. I want it to be simple, modern, and easy to remember. But that's just one option for the other ideas i have. I'll make another one as soon as I get an awesome inspiration. That black circle above was inspired by many logos from many companies. Mix them up, change it a little bit, add some 'famous people' touch, then voila! One of my soon-to-be domination symbol is done!

But for now, I'll just use it for every piece of works I'm working on here. You know, starts from the bottom.

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