January 06, 2011

Perhaps some of you have been through the whole process of a relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend/even both. You have tasted the zing in your tummy every time you come across your target then it gives you sweet pink blushes on your cheeks. You have tasted the sweetness of your days together with your lover under a tree or any other romantic spots and (probably) ended up in bed. You have tasted the horrendous fight over some unimportant stuffs that made you realize s/he was not the right one for you. Have you ever experienced that yourself? Congrats If you have. But It's cool if you haven't. That's may be your choice upon your own personal tenet. But I can absolutely presume that you all must have seen at least a couple in your life. Love birds drunk by gigantic kegs filled with love and lust, yes? Of course. If no, go get some friends!

So, who are these people who are always come as a duo? Are they your friends? Your siblings or part of the family? Your housemaid and your security? A cock and a hen?  A gay and another gay? Bread and jam? Please don't take your parents as an example. We all get it, okay.

Whoever they are, we can see a pattern of relationship along with their cuddles, hugs, kisses, some making-outs, or even some sexual intercourse after a hard boozeful party the night before. Then suddenly, for whatever reason we didn't know, they broke up and immediately changed their Facebook relationship status. Then we went like, "WTF? They're done? Why?" and left with all the questions which actually were none of our business.

In my case(s), they are my friends. Two ex-hetero-couples of my close friends. They recently took my attention due to their chink commitments. This is kinda like my 'position paper' regarding these issues of theirs. I know I should have stayed out of this and back the hell off because I didn't have any whatsoever part in their connections. But it turned out that they affect me in some ways which gave this little responsibility to dip my hands. They are all my friends. I witnessed their love stories and often took part of their journeys. The worst part is I will see them in the future when they are no longer together. I can already imagined the awkward moments when we all meet up in the same place.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that I didn't make any decision for them to be taken or applied in the further process. I just showed them where I stand in their relationship. I will always be their friend no matter what. I won't take a side and degrade the other one. I'm in the middle. I'm neutral.

I don't wanna be too obvious here explaining who they are and why they split. Mainly they were too tired to argue over the disconnection between each other's principles. There are some common issues such as distance, religion, and family. But I know there's actually something else that contributes to their huge fights that ended up badly. Once again, I don't wanna be a smart-ass who knows it all about them. They understand the whole situation more than anyone else. So the break-up decision is also actually their calls of 'discrepancy'. My problem was just how some of them react through my opinions. I said that I respect their decisions and I pray for the best of them. I will be there for both of them and be the place to share anything they want. I don't want them to think that I have changed and ran away from him/her to their ex-lovers so I can forget about the fact that I'm also his/her friend. *Geez, this is getting so complicated. I even have to read the previous sentences a couple of times to understand them.*

However, I totally get it when they listen to my side of story. Every time I deliver my thought from their both perspectives, they sort of disrespect it especially when I say something about their ex-lover. It's hard to be in my position. You are between your friends, who loved and then hated each other. One thing for sure, they are all still my love birds. We will grow old and laugh at this some time. :)

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