Snap! #1

November 10, 2010

Inilah kumpulan snapshots dari BB gue yang sebenernya udah lamaaa bgt. Bisa diliat dari BBM, UberTwitter, dan Foursquare yang design interfacenya masih versi lama. Sebenernya gue ga ada kerjaan aja bikin-bikin kaya ginian, yaaa itung-itung memanfaatkan fitur "Capture It" aja lah. Nah, semua gambar yang gue ambil di sini tuh kaya ada kesamaan dan kebetulan yang jarang sekali terjadi. Sangat menarik untuk dikenang-kenang. Sebenernya juga gue udah mau post ke blog ini dari dulu, cuma ga sempet-sempet. So, here they are!
oh, and btw i've brushed some names to keep the privacy in its place and added personal comments of mine to keep you on track. happy snapshotting! (?)

amit-amit Ya Allah! *ketok meja 3X*

Gadia is one of my greatest slutty friends. She's so desperate of men's touch. Anyone? xoxo, Gad :p

 HOW COME SHE TWEETED "FROM WEB" WHILE SHE, HERSELF, WAS RIDING A GODDAMN GONDOLA? was it your assistant/manager helping you to tweet under the mountain? or, PERHAPS, were you bring your laptop along with you when you're skiing, Paris? That's not hot, that's not huge, that's fail, bitch!
btw, what's up with mark & tambourine? -_-

 Thank God my parents are such a conservative couple!

 Hmm.. thank you for your 'warm' welcome :)

 Trust me, they should worship technology. Especially YouTube's. They're NOT pretty in person. At all.


 I like this guy. He is a true idealist.

 I love dimsum too, guys! take me with you :)

 Gloomy day~ even for the one who's questioning about the true friendship & the one who's in a very comfortable journey to Jakarta :)

 This Twitter account is brilliant!

 What an ironic coincidence. I can even still remember why Ceca tweeted that "LET. ME. GO!!!!" :( BUT THAT'S OKAY, CES! you've met somebody cute and funny! there's nothing else you can say~ eh~ eh~ hahahaha :D

Simply fail.

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