Ode to Nature

October 08, 2010

every time i wake up in the morning i usually spend a minimum-5-minutes time to enjoy the sunshine outside. you know, just stand right there and feel the fresh air gently flow through my body. when i close my eyes doing that indulging moment, i can hear the sound of birds chirping around the beautiful blue sky. if i was lucky enough, i can even touch the morning dew pouring down on my face, hands and every inch of my body. that's just simply amazing.

the summer breeze always gives me a good time to think about many stuffs. a time to reflect back on myself for everything i've done for a couple of days before. a useful period to thank God for giving me such an incredible life.

those pleasant feelings are available everywhere in this lovely mother earth. as long as you stand between ground and sky, they will be there waiting for you to enjoy them. they can be the green atmosphere of forest, the healthy air accompanying the jogging track of the nearest town park, the natural view of animals in a zoo, or even the simple sea breeze whirling around beach sand. it depends on you how you manage to find them. the more you explore, the more they will show up.

i can't find a good reason for lying lazily on grass or beach under the sun. it's merely relaxing. it can help me solve all my problems.. or at least postpone them. i mean, what good does it to go around frowning and cursing the fates? look around. i have much to be thankful for. i have two eyes to see all the adorable shape of clouds, a nose to smell the flower scents, two ears to listen the world's voices, and a healthy body that have helped me through anything this whole time. what more can i ask?

during a time when you are feeling negative or downhearted, ti recommend you to try counting your blessings among these gorgeous God's inventions. the greater your gratitude, the greater your power becomes.

Bali, 2010.

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