Monday Holiday

April 27, 2010

some pictures taken by me when i visitied Water Bom, Indah Kapuk Beach during my holiday (march 2010). as you know, i used my not-too-advanced digital camera to capture these beauties of nature. i never have any intention to dig deep into photography, so do not expect to see me showing you the awesomeness of the so-called SLR camera. (errr... i might sound like a hater. but hey, i love those photography stuffs as arts. i have friends working in that field of expertise. and their pieces are amazing)

now, here they are...
the parking lot. not so packed. maybe because it was monday.

 still the parking lot. loved the clouds that day.

 furniture store. some cool stuffs, not-too-cool prices.

 here is the pool and the slides. quite various.

the pool besides our hut. it was weekday, only a few people came. water bom is ours! :) 

 the private huts for visitors

 this is me. posing for Esquire cover next month issue; about "How to gain your weight instantly!" -__-

 and here they are. my beloved SP crew. not full team, but we were still have fun! see you in the next trip guys :)

p.s. open the pictures in new tab to enlarge but still enjoy the music!

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