Sky These Days

February 27, 2010

today is cloudy, isn't it?
as dark as your soul?
yes, you know you are weak within, you know you do
sick and tired of scamp people and surroundings
your life seems hateful and mean to you in a continuous row
it is like God has sent many lucifers to come after you
like earth and the universe want to drown you deeply into a groundless blackhole

what are you supposed to do?

na'ah honey, running away is not the eutectic of your problems
it is indeed acceptable for us to get rid the black clouds out of our mind in order to think straight
but do not let the situation control you
never stop believing, ever

instead of scrolling your aim away, changing the direction to it would be better
do not be eerie to break through the wall
force yourself
face it
deal with it

then the sky will show its shine to you.

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