Not Too Real

February 26, 2010

maybe some of you had happened to watch one of the episode of MTV Boiling Points in 2005 which was starring the-young-brunette Lady Gaga in TV or YouTube. but perhaps many of you hadn't. don't worry, i'll let you to see the unpopular video of her, take a look at this...

so, now we all know that Lady Gaga used to have brown hair, wear normal outfits, ate salad by herself in an unknown restorant, and be a pretty lady years ago. but that's not the point i wanna tell you. do you guys noticed that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Gaga's real name) was accidentally GLANCING at the camera? lol that's hilarious.

if it's hard for you to see, you might wanna rewind it to minute 0.24. do it now!
got it?
hahaha the face, the mimic, the oh-crap-i-saw-the-camera movement, everything was artificially funny. the way she and the other people talk were also too fake to be in a reality show. here are the snapshots:

such tits by the way...

tongue out!! gotcha!!

how i love this talented artist when she was still in her ordinary looks. i believe many people who hate her due to her outlandish performances in term of fashion would rework their statements after seeing this lady in her innocent look. i mean... even though i adore her creatively sick performances these years, i still probably prefer her look in this episode of MTV Boiling Points rather than...

spotted at the 13th Annual ACE Awards, NYC. she got the “Stylemaker Award”

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  1. Lo suka Lady Gaga, mat?
    Gila, everybody loves her!
    Me loves her too! X)
    dan oh MY GOD, ternyata dia bisa toh berpenampilan biasa aja, kirain udh drdlu error gtu hahahahh...

  2. i love her for whatever she has done.


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