Sometimes, Once is Enough

January 28, 2010

first of all, check out this crap!

awh, so sweet isn't it? how Jack Dawson crawled his ass back from his death in Pasific Ocean by being melted from a hilarious big human-sized ice cube that covered his body. btw, i laughed a lot when he was being carried by the helicopter like an imported cow while he was frozen LOL.

it is a trailer video of a movie called Titanic: Two The Surface. but unfortunately, IT WAS A HOAX GAN! this fiasco trailer is made by combining several movies which are some of them have Leonardo as the actor. if you are a trully movie-goer, you'll spot scenes from:
  • Titanic
  • Austin Powers
  • The Hulk
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • The Basketball Diaries
  • Catch Me if You Can
  • Se7en
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Demolition Man

yep! this fake trailer, made by Robert Blankenhheim, is solely a YouTube-visual form of trash and cat vomit. i still can't get what the fuck is going on with this guy's brain for making such a sensational yet cheesy thing. and i don't have any intention to look for  what happened with him, at all. but that's okay i guess, it is funny anyway, i laughed my ass off watching it overall.

you know what? at first, i'm so thrilled when i get the info from a-friend-of-mine's  tweet, saying that there will be a sequel of the legendary movie of all time, Titanic. i was like, "are you kidding me? a trailer? oh, this is so gonna be wicked!" ,and  when i watch it from The Trailer Mash for the first time, with a complete straight face i was like "oh okay, yeah right". i mean i was thinking for the past 3 days that this was legit and I was telling people about it. but after some researches, i realized that it was just a joke. i was actually thinking about going to see a movie that didn't even exist. That's what you call a good trailer, getting people excited to see a movie that doesn't even exist.

they even make a poster of it...

(ugh, Jake looks creepy here by the way)

but actually there IS a plan from Paramount Pictures and James Cameron (director of "Avatar") for making the sequel of Titanic called Titanic 2 (T2) <--- it sounds like one of the disaster duo singer from Indonesia, but it has been canceled indefinitely for some reasons. you can read it here.

“The sequel was sunk Not only because of the recent passing of Millvina Dean (the survivor -red), and not only because it's so close to the 100th anniversary of the sinking, but also because the film's plot sucked balls. I mean, seriously! How in the hell can Jack Dawson still be alive when he froze and died toward the end? And nobody knows for sure if Rose goes to sleep or dies at the end. I thought it was bullshit the nanosecond Jim [Cameron] presented me with the script. I reluctantly greenlit this horseshit, I hate every second of it! This is the worst piece of trash released by 20th Century Fox since A Troll in Central Park. No wait, that was Warner Bros. I meant to say License to Drive. No -- The Fly II is much worse. Or Predator 2. Or Baby's Day Out. Or Jingle All The Way. Or what about Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie? No, no -- Speed 2! Right? Alien: Ressurection or Home Alone 3? Or what about that classic gem, Big Momma's House 2? Or the first two Star Wars prequels; they were crap! Or Black Knight. No, Moulin Rouge. No, Meet the Spartans was much worse than that! Meet Dave is even worse than THAT! I think that's the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae of our worst film's ever!"”
~ Rupert Murdoch on shelving Titanic II and listing other crappy Fox films

and oh btw, there is another bitch making another shit..

it's called Titanic 3: Never Let Go -________-" OH COME ON PEOPLE! should i make these?
  • Titanic 4: The Revenge of Old Rose
  • Titanic 5: The Curse of 'Heart of The Ocean' Necklace
  • Titanic 6, 7, 8: We can Beat Tersanjung and Cinta Fitri

despite all of the funny shits appeared here, in my personal opinion i'm so damn happy that the sequel was canceled. i mean, c'mon, please don't ruin the ending scene of the amazing, brilliant, and well-done movie that keep giving me goosebumps every time i watch it. let Jack die peacefully, let Rose sleep in her old robe, and let the history lie beneath the ocean.

(to be honest, this is the most re-watched movie in my entire life! 13 times! *yes, i count it, any problem?*)

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