My Lala Land

December 01, 2009

have you ever traveled all around your own mind? looking for anything you don't even know what it is?

i have. so often. during my leisure time, lala-ing (my idiom for starring blankly at nothing, combining images of random things) is my 'cup of tea for British people'.
idk, call me retarded but it just feels congenial and fits me damn right.
you know, how do you feel when you see people wearing the same style of clothes that taken from E! entertainment and the so-called hottest lifestyle magazines? or when you do the blog-walking in others' blogs, how do you respond to their typically same way of writings? perhaps you have divergent answers.

but for me, who uphold my faith in originality, those deeds seems... boring. more likely un-edgy-ness in a vast amount. oh my god i completely ran out of words to describe these feelings.
i mean, i just don't like the exact things going around at the same time. even if i have to do/have such a particular thing, i'll make it different. according to my jag and taste. i'll just go lala!

in order to re-build those perspective of mine, i usually rolls my eyes and think. "how can i make it different, or awesome, or edgy, or mistify?" i often project things in a random order. for instance, to make an assignment presentation slide show in my windows power point looks 'peculiar', i'll dive into a psychedelic background with jumbo jet airplane add bugs bunny face plus my mum's fried rice and surrounds with winter climate. or maybe i'll make my room feels cozier by picturing a hot librarian bookworm and a giant elephant slash UFO plate and add with some mafia shotgun battle sounds in an earthquake situation. yes. that kooky! that bizarre!

by doing lala, my imaginations gone wild as monkeys in a jungle full with bananas. i can't control myself finding my own original ideas. and one thing for sure i enjoy freaking myself up with that dose of wackiness. i don't care what people say as long as my mind last products satisfy me. i HAVE to be different. i HAVE to be gonzo! normal life is boring! average people should find their own outlandish character! find yourself! find your lala land!

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